Turkuazoo Aquarium

The name is a bit misleading, but Turkuazoo is a big aquarium facility and not a typical zoo. There are so many huge tanks that you’ll be entranced with all the sea life for hours.

Turkuazoo Istanbul

One of the huge aquarium exhibits at Turkuazoo Istanbul

There are more than 10,000 animals and fish at the Turkuazoo in 43 different aquatic exhibits. One of the most exciting spots in the facility is the long underwater tunnel tank. Fish and sharks swim all around you and you’ll feel like you’re actually walking around on the ocean floor.

You can stroll through many of the world’s aquatic regions as you tour the Turkuazoo because everything is arranged in galleries to keep ecosystems together.

You can find exhibits on the Great Barrier Reef, coastal cliffs, caves, the Black Sea and even a tank illustrating the life around most harbors and docks. The shallow touch pool is a bit hit with kids who love to touch, though the Dangerous and Weird display is definitely a hands-out area.There is also a Rainforest gallery that has both water animals as well as some land habitats.

All the tanks have natural surroundings, filled with not only fish and animals, but plants, coral and other great background materials. You feel like you’re seeing real natural habitats in each tank.

Turkuazoo Aquarium in IstanbulTurkuazoo tunnel tankEver seen a stingray?One of the Turkuazoo tanks

Overall, you can expect to see countless colorful fish along with sharks, jellyfish, eels, shellfish, corals, crabs, stingrays, turtles, octopi and a long list more.

Not exciting enough to see all these great sea creatures up close? Well, you can arrange to go diving in the shark tank if you want some extra thrills. The cost is an additional 215 Lira and it’s open to anyone, even if you’ve never scuba dived before.

It’s not all about the aquarium tanks though. There are lots of other fun displays, like the huge shark jaw samples and a great exhibit of stunning underwater photographs.


Visiting the Turkuazoo Aquarium:

Location: in the Bayrampaşa area, off 50.Yil Cid.
Hours: 10am until 8pm
Cost: Kids and teens, 22 Lira and adults are 29,50 Lira (family rates are cheaper)
Official Website: http://www.turkuazoo.com/en/


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