Miniaturk is a fabulous way to see all the major sights of the city, all in one afternoon stroll. Of course, they are all scaled down in miniature, but it’s quite a view nonetheless.

Miniaturk in Istanbul

One of the many detailed little buildings at Miniaturk

Over the wide green grounds, there are 120 miniature models on display, all done in 1/25th scale size. Most of them are important landmarks in Istanbul but there are some buildings from various other Ottoman regions from outside modern-day Turkey. Famous places like the Hagia Sophia and the Rumeli Fortress can be seen in exquisite detail. Some places that are no longer still standing can also be seen, like the Temple of Artemis.

All of the models are remarkable in their scale and detail. When looking at photos, it can be hard to distinguish the miniature from the authentic.

Miniaturk in IstanbulMiniature park in IstabulMiniature mosques at Miniaturk

The different eras and regions are represented through the park, and all the models are presented in a lovely landscaped park so you can enjoy a stroll at your own pace to see everything. In particular, the little bonsai trees help keep everything to scale.

Just follow the paved walking paths, and you’ll see all the sights of Miniaturk. Have a camera handy because you’ll want to take snapshots of every building you see, guaranteed. Plan for about 2 hours to see all the models.

Visiting Miniaturk:

Location: North of the city center, in Haliç Park, on Imrahor Cd.
Hours: Open seven days a week, from 9am to 6pm
Cost: 10 Lira
Official Website: (English)


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