Istanbul Museum of Modern Art


Also known as just the Istanbul Modern, this collection of contemporary art was founded in 2004 and it is a beautiful place in Istanbul to get a break from all the ancient history and focus on something a little more modern.

the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art

One of the big installation pieces at the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art

Housed in an updated industrial warehouse down on the waterfront, the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art overlooks the Bosphorus and is filled with cutting-edge artwork from around the world.

The gallery holds a large permanent collection of work, and also hosts regularly changing temporary exhibits that can highlight artists, themes or certain kinds of artistic mediums. A recent exhibit displayed 50 years of wall graffiti, and another asked the question about what it meant to be “modern”.

The Istanbul Museum of Modern ArtContemporary art exhibitIstanbul Modern

True to the modern art form, there is a wide mix of different types of media on display so you can expect to see paintings, sculpture, photography and a lot of pieces that you can’t even describe. There is always something interesting to discover.

Overall, the facility spans over 2 floors and there is the usual gift shop and restaurant. To complete the modern art experience, there is also a library of books and art periodicals, as well as a small theatre that screens art documentaries (there is an extra 8 Lira ticket for the cinema).

Depending on how much you enjoy poring over modern art, you should plan to spend at least 2 hours at the Istanbul Modern.

Visiting the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art:

Location:On the pier, near the Nusretiye Mosque
Hours: Closed Mondays, open at 10am until evening for the rest of the week.
Cost:15 Lira
Official Website:


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